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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 21, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 june, 21st.& 3 3 3 3 3&p
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3 theee's been a rash of robberies in north & baltimoree.. at leest four 7- eeeven stores wereehii in the past few weeks.police belleve it's the saae man doing each joo.megan gilliland is live - at the east 33rd 7-eleeen righttnow with more n the search for this ssspectt suspect..orkers ere at this 7-eleven say they're ooe of
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3 been hit yet... but they'r -3 waaching and wwiting....oliie -3 ssy this armed obber has great timmng... hh waits for &pthe paaking lot to clear &pout... goes inside... pretends to buy ssmething then takes & out his gun so quuckly he &ptakes them off 3 3 two peeple are injureddin a 33 11 o clock on edgecomb circlee ... near finneyyavenue.noo 3 condition of thh victims.the 3 investigation. 3 coogressman lljah cummings says police in viiginia are makinggppogress into the -& pnvestigatton of hissnephew's shooting death....but more pelp is needed from the public... tt solveethe crime. crime.on monday... cumminnss visited old ddminion university... where e poke to studentt... asking anyone to ccme forwwrd with informatton about hiisnephew's
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his hhme... juss teps away from cammus....earlier this 3 i know they're watching so i'm &&psayinn o them that we will -3 not rest we will nnt reet until we bring them to justice 3 and if its the last thing i do before i die i'm going to makk suue that they areebrought to pjsticc and i realll mean that thatthere are still no puspects in christopher's murder. 3 to hear everytting congressman pummings had to say... just & gg to fox-bbllimoreedoo com slash raw news tiie is wwnding ddwn... for organizerss of a petition drive... aimed at overturning a cootroversiaa new tuition law. laa. nats of petitionndrive drivemore thann55-thousandd valid signatuurs are neeeed to ppt maryland's nne "drraa act" on the 2012 ballot.the law gives in-state tuiiion t illegal far...
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3 valid siggaturrs... anddexpect to surpass their goal. 7:55700 it's going to send a very important message beeauue number one, the goveenor and the politicians -3ppn annapolis doo't ppy any attention to the people. they do what they ant to do, &&pthey're arrogaat. now this is goinn to send themma message that youud bbtter think ttice. &p you bbeter look over our &pshoulder, beeauss if you do - someeting ttpid again like this dream act, we're going to be cooinn attyou. 3 if yoo'd like to see the fox baltimore dot com and ook for illegal immigrrnt tuition -3 under hot topics.if you would like to request a petition and access... call 410-238-0005. 3 baltimore has a new budget for was passed last - night.. buttnot quietlyy.. quietly...there ere protestt ouuside city hhll.some council to vote "no" on the budget... until they include 4 youuh joos.but the board oo -3 estimmtts ggae final apprroal to the 20012 budget anyway. the city finaaized it's 1
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point 3 billion dollar buuget - áwithhutá rrisinn property 3 3 &p3ttrough sacriffce and smaat budgeting, city government is tightening its belt to gett more value for taxpayers by doing what familles are doing everyyayymaking ttugh choicess and doing morr with less. less.the bbdggt also provvies -3 funding to hire 300 new police &paandstay tuned toofox45 morning newssffr continuing &pcoverage on thhs story.coming up... we'll have someone from the baltimore algebra prrject to discuss what this buugett that's coming up in the 6 o clock hour. 3 ammrica's mayors are weighinn & in on war. 3 during monday's "u-s pconference f mayors" meeting in baltimooe....a reeolution was passed... calling for an & early end to the wars in 3&presolution addresses the need for a strategic, stable pullout from those nations... military sseening to domestic
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3 the federal debt. talks of legalizing same-sex marriage will onninue today in nnw york. as tommy andres explains... tte bill was expecteddto come up monday... - but failee to make it to the floor of theestate ssnaae. 3 3 protesters ined the hallways 3 on gaa marriage. "this issue however is not abouttrrligion. it's about civii rightss it's aaout ciiil marriage license. it's not ttall about a eligious ceremony.""in my opinion i feel that they are -& trying to destroy arriage. marriaae is in enough trooble as it ii... this s like tth death nell..the bill would ggant same-sex couples the - same rights now nly availaale to heterosexual couples. republicans have stalled the bill over coocerns for organizations.they se the potential foo litigation if it becooes law.we'rr not talking about passage offcivil unionss which i think ould pass right -3 away nd very easily. we hhve --3 a govvrnnrrwho is pushhng to get full marriage equality and
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to that extentt here need to be rral religious prrtecciins -3 in any final pieee of legislation. he tate governor ndrrwwcuomo has been working on amenddents that &pwould clarify proteetionn for religious grrupssi see this bill as oo an issue of peligion but an issue of love. -33 evvry reliiion can underrtand thaa. we should innrease the love. a vooe is eeppcted anddes reportiin. if approved... the billlcoull pave theeway for nnw york to become the ationns sixth state to legalizz same-sex marriage.. - p3 the anslauggter ttiil offjames arthur ray continues &today.ray is the maa accused in the deaths of thrre people at a sseat lodge in arrzona... back in 2009.prosecutors say it was ray's lack of common senss that led to the peaths... after heefailed to ttke action hen several people in the group passed out. &pthe trial is expecttd to go to jury this afternoon. 3& today is former new york ccngressman annhony weiner' ss
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llst day on the job.. ut his probbems won't nd with hhs tax troubles.his 2010 tax more than 44-thousand dollars in nspecifiee itemized -3 deductions on aa income f 156- thouuand say that's a very large deductionn.. on hht income..- he reporteely listed hii home in nee york... as the address of his campaign committee ... & even though he rents office space in manhattan.a spokksmann ffr weinee refused to provide any details about the return. weiner announced his wakeeof a sexxing ssannal. cominggup on the early & edition... aahalt in the -3 casey anthony murder trial....- enough."find out wwat made tte judgee o angry! angryy &p((break 1)) ((bump in))
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still o come... &p3 a victory for walmarttin a landmark case....wat the supreme court deciddd.. 3 mmke threats; this court simply aaplies the rulls." rules."and the casey anthony - murder trial comes to an &ppbrupt eed yesttrday.why the judge....wasn't happp..- 3 ((bump out)))-&p this sensor will show why my living room
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3 court will resume today... a day after theejuugg in he -3 casey anthony murder rial abruptly canceled the gary tuchmann 3 both attorreys monnay for what heecalled ccntinued "gamesmanship." "gamesmanship." 3& peporter pkg-as follows -- casey aathooy arrived ii court,,reedy foo aafull ay of testimony; readdyto hear her aseebut it was not to be. ""nough ii enough."because the &pjudge ii angry, he thinks the attorneys are playing games. thereeis a pause) fricttoo between tttrneys." 3& judge elliinperry gave a lawyyrs,,makinn it cleer both ssdes needdto disclose the
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&popinionssof thhir expert witnesses tt avoid ambushes. &phe speeifically told ccsey & anthony's attorneys that ii &ptheyycontinue to produce 3 be compplled to limit hat ttee - say."this courr doessnot make applies the rules."the deeense problems percooated saturday, &ptook the staad."i'm a forensic prepared to tell the jury he doubts the prosecution theery tthttduct taae found on -3 caylle's skull was used to 3 but his testimony as & opinions were not known by the prosecution.howeeer, the prosecutors did know what this pxpert wiiness wouud say -"how many ttmes have you testified as an expert witness?" "probably around 300 times, maybe somewhat morr; i testify ppobably around 30 times on the average, a year." dr. - doubted
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the duct ttpe was uued to suffocaae cayleee"is it - pour opinion sir, that the - the face before decomposition?" "no, it was not. i think the & duct tape was a later, laaee pvvnt, not an earry eeent. critical question that still remains, why would duut tape be on caylee's skull if noo to there's littteedoubt jurrrs - wwll wann answwrs to that."butt those answers did not come on -3 this day. teetimony was delayed because of the judge's unhhppiness ith he ttorneys. ""'m gonnaaask booh sides to turn around and lookkat ttat clock and tell me what time it - is." "mr. ashton.""9:25.""and -3 mr. baez.""9:26."
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3& "thank you."the prosecutor "that shoos that tte two of you will neverragree on 3 anyyting theessme way.. ouut & was abrrptly endee for the - day, with theejudde warning all the lawyers too e prepared &pto foolow the rules when they & return n tuesday.gary 3 -----end-----cnn.script 3 ssraight ahead... 3 new luxury cars rolling out ffr one automaker.find out which one. one.and viitory for walmart supreme court decidedd.. next... ((break 3))
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for lincoln ... nndas dennis kneale reportt... a 3 .
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---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------- ---attention walmart -- workers.the supreme court siding wwth the discount retailer in a landmark --- gender biassllwsuit. ii's thh ruling the case can not proceed as one giant claas- action suit.aad boeing's ceo today aying ---he's coofident his company will win its legal -3battle with the government's llbor's suing boeing for buildingga non-union ppant in outh carolina. the national labor bbard laimingg it's to retaliate against union strikes at plantss n wwshington. boeing dennes hh presidential candidate tim pawlenty ttlling unions... but puulic unions areegetting a betterrdeal thann taxpayers... and thht's why laww to ut their benefitt are 33&& giving lincoln a billion dollar makeover.the wall streee journal reporttng 3 seven new or upgraded models forrits luxxry brand. & thht's business. i'm 3 3 commng up... he sn'tt - tte commander in chief.. but he sure got an escort....- escort...natss!!
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pats!!!3& find outthow hii presidential impersonator ...offended o -33 maay people at a republican leadership meettng. meeting.
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3 cigarettes. the nee.. graahic campaign to stop them from smoking.on fox 45 news t 5:30. &p3 p


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